‘Suits’ Creator Pens Heartfelt Open Letter About Attending Royal Wedding

You may watched the royal wedding from your own home, bleary-eyed in a stained robe plus binge-eating day-old scones from the food store.

In case you’ re Aaron Korsh, inventor of the TV show “ Suits, ” you went to the royal wedding ceremony IRL and soaked up the regal ceremony with the likes of Oprah , plus George and Amal Clooney.

Korsh had written an open letter about his day time attending the wedding of his buddy and former “ Suits” celebrity Meghan Markle   to Prince Harry. In an impassioned post on Tweets, he called the experience “ probably the most extraordinary thing I’ ve actually seen. ”  

Korsh, asked to write concerning the ceremony for the New York Daily Information,   decided to share his emotions on social media.

“ From the second all of us left our castle-esque hotel towards the drive up to and through Windsor, to the walk to the Chapel after which afterwards to the reception, it was a single once in a lifetime experience after another, ” he wrote.

Korsh told the Daily Information that “ Harry looked earnest and somehow susceptible, while Meghan looked strong plus proud and regal and attractive.

“ To have a mix of cultures on a lot of levels and to have two this kind of capable ambassadors showing the world exactly how it should be done was moving outside of words, ” he told the particular publication.

Korsh talked about rubbing elbows with the likes associated with Sir Elton John and Idris Elba, gushing that it was all the “ dream. ” He determined his letter by saying “ it felt like the world was being a better place” and that his existence will “ forever be more potent for having those memories. ”

Anyone else getting major FOMO?