The home of Parkland survivor David Hogg was swatted this morning

(CNN) Your family of Marjory Stoneman Douglas Senior high school student activist David Hogg was your victim of a “swatting” incident Wednesday morning.

The call was later decided on be a hoax.
No one was at home during the time of the incident, Oglesby said. Hogg and his family are in Washington Deb. C to accept the RFK Humanitarian education Award.

Swatting is usually done by pc hackers, gamers or people experienced in online and smartphone communications like a prank. They make a false document of a serious crime in progress, leading to police making a major show of pressure on innocent, unsuspecting people

Swatting has existed since the early 2000s. Celebrities will often be the victim.
In California alone, swatting phone calls have focused the homes associated with actor Tom Cruise, comedian Russell Brand, Kim Kardashian and singers Rihanna and Miley Cyrus.
In many cases, they have resulted in lethal consequences. In December, a swatting situation ended with a police officer fatally capturing a 28-year-old father of 2 standing in their front door in Wichita, Kansas .
Hogg, who survived the February fourteen attack at the Parkland school exactly where 17 students and faculty had been killed in minutes, has been a expressive proponent of sane gun laws and regulations. For that, he’s been relentlessly bombarded, with conspiracy theorists claiming this individual wasn’t actually at the shooting or even that he’s a paid “crisis actor. ”
The Broward County Sheriff’s Workplace is investigating the Tuesday event.