The Latest Entries From The Comedy Wildlife Photo Awards Will Cheer You Up

Today in its fourth year, the Comedy Animals Photography Awards continue to keep bring viewers those goofy occasions caught on camera that makes it look like some animals are just like us.  

The particular entries for the 2018 competition are usually pouring in, from an ashamed rabbit, “ dancing” polar has and a fur seal who is evidently having a really bad day which includes penguins. We can’ t wait around to see what ends up winning competition.

Discover some of the latest goofy animal records below.  

  • Amy Kennedy/Comedy Wildlife Photo Awards/Barcroft
    King Penguins gang up to fur seal in South Atlanta.  

  • Geert Weggen/Comedy Wildlife Picture Awards/Barcroft
    A wild reddish squirrel in a split between lupines in Bispgarden, Sweden.

  • Jakob Strecker/Comedy Wildlife Photo Awards/Barcroft Pictures
    An astonished Lemur within Madagascar.

  • Michou vonseiten Beschwitz/Comedy Wildlife Photo Awards/Barcroft Pictures
    An arctic fox aiming to drag the camera away from the particular camp in Hudson Bay, Europe.

  • Nick Parayko/Comedy Wildlife Photo Awards/Barcroft
    A mother ground squirrel calls directly at her youthful pup in Alberta, Canada.  

  • Luca Venturi/Comedy Wildlife Photo Awards/Barcroft
    The funny pose presumed by the two bears during their battle, as if they were practicing a Vienna Waltz in Churchill, Canada.  

  • Maria Kula/Comedy Wildlife Photo Awards/Barcroft
    A grey squirrel using a feather on its head within Arundel, England.

  • Daniel T. Friend/Comedy Wildlife Photo Awards/Barcroft
    A rabbit hiding its encounter in West Virginia.

  • Barney Koszalka/Comedy Wildlife Photo Awards/Barcroft
    A lady Moose sticking her tongue out there in Wyoming.

  • Muhammad Faishol Husni/Comedy Wildlife Photo Awards/Barcroft
    An ant carrying a floral in Batam, Indonesia.

  • Tanya Houppermans/Comedy Wildlife Photo Awards/Barcroft
    The blue shark smiles for the digital camera off the coast of Rhode Isle.  

  • Simon Gee/Comedy Animals Photo Awards/Barcroft Images
    The polar bear playing in the snowfall in Churchill, Canada.