The NRA Really Wants You To Stop Making Fun Of Trump Now, OK?

The NRA really doesn’ big t like it when people don’ t display enough respect to President Donald Trump .  

A new spot from the weapon lobbyists features an angry man stewing as a TV shows clips from the media criticizing Trump and the Nationwide Rifle Association. Some of the clips are usually of comedy shows, including “ Saturday Night Reside ” and “ A week ago Tonight With John Oliver. ”

Eventually he lowers a set of eye protection and destroys the TV set having a sledgehammer in a tantrum as it shows a “ Morning Joe” portion.  

The angry guy within the video is right-wing radio web host Grant Stinchfield, who made head lines last year when he suggested that North Korea drop a nuclear bomb upon Sacramento, California .  

He or she later apologized, saying he had been only joking about destroying a north american city.  

The odd brand new spot is getting a reaction on Tweets… just probably not the one the weapon group was aiming for: