The U.K. Just Went 55 Hours Without Using Coal for the First Time in History

Coal, which fueled the world’ s biggest economies for more than the usual century, is increasingly losing to be able to renewables.

The latest example of how among the dirtiest fossil fuels is being squeezed from the market came this week in The uk, which went for a record fifty five hours without its any of the power plants producing electricity simply by burning coal.

No coal has been used for power generation by channels in the U. K. between ten: 25 p. m. in London upon Monday until 5: 10 the. m. on Thursday, according to main grid data compiled by Bloomberg. At the same time wind generators produced more power.

The particular U. K. was an early adopter of renewable energy and has more just offshore wind turbines installed than any other nation. It also has fields of solar power panels that are meeting more and more demand since old traditional power plants close up permanently. The government aims to switch away all coal plants by 2025 and has given renewables priority entry to the grid.

The previous record associated with 40 coal-free hours was occur October.