Todd Starnes: Remember when Starbucks just served over-priced, burnt coffee?

If you are in the feeling for a high-priced cup of coffee that preferences burnt – you’ll have to go someplace other than Starbucks during a three-hour time period Tuesday afternoon.

More than 8, 1000 shops are shuttering for anti-bias training – an ill-conceived make an effort to restore Starbucks’ tarnished liberal picture.

Final month, two black men had been arrested in Philadelphia after they declined to leave one of the coffee chain’ s stores and one was refused use of the restroom. The men, whom said they were waiting for a friend, had been sitting quietly but had not bought so much as a latte. They were taking on space meant for paying customers.

While law enforcement arrested the two men for trespassing, they were later released without costs and both the police and Starbucks apologized to them.

For decades Starbucks has been having a stores to promote social justice, great it’s come back to bite ’em within the coffee bean.

Starbucks got every right to ask those males to order a beverage or even food or leave the store. It’ s a place of company, not a public park.

Nevertheless, the interpersonal justice warriors pounced – accusing the folks who wear the eco-friendly aprons of racial profiling plus discrimination.

Instead of standing its ground, Starbucks threw their baristas under the roaster and offered a profuse apology.

“ Regretfully, our practices and schooling led to a bad outcome – the foundation for the call to the Philadelphia law enforcement department was wrong, ” TOP DOG Kevin Johnson wrote in a long-winding mea culpa. “ Our shop manager never intended for these guys to be arrested and this should never possess escalated as it did. ”

Starbucks promised to treat every customers with “ respect and dignity” – even though they don’ t purchase a costly cup of their bitter java.

Tuesday’ ersus anti-bias training features appearances simply by company executives along with the rapper called Common. Baristas are being encouraged in order to “ open up about implicit biases and stereotypes in encountering individuals of color, gender or some other identities. ”

Starbucks has no one to fault for this fiasco but itself.

For decades Starbucks has been using its stores to promote interpersonal justice, but now it’s come back to nibble ’em in the coffee bean.

Remember back in 2015 when Starbucks ordered baristas in order to strike up conversations about race relationships with customers?

“ So that’ s one venti Veranda Mix Blonde Roast with extra lotion. May I have your name, friend? ”

“ Yes, appreciate it. It’ s Todd. ”

“ So , Tom – I’ m curious – do you have an issue with Dark Roast? ”

“ My name is Todd. Wait. Exactly what? ”

“ And Ted, based on your defensive posture, I’ m sensing some privilege, as well. We can help with that. ”

Through that day forward I started brewing Community Coffee. The coffee beans are roasted by a family-owned business based in Louisiana. It’ s a great cup of coffee, it costs less and on top of that – no political agenda.

There’s a session we can all learn from this Starbucks ordeal. When a coffee house serves up the piping hot cup of national politics – well – it’s going to turn out frothing everybody’s latte.  

Todd Starnes is host associated with Fox News & Commentary. Their latest book is “ The Deplorables’ Facts Making America Great Again . ” Follow him on Tweets @ToddStarnes and find him upon Fb .