Trump Honors Fallen Soldiers On Memorial Day With Self-Congratulatory Tweet

Chief executive Donald Trump paid tribute in order to fallen soldiers on Memorial Time with a tweet applauding the state from the country under his administration.

Trump acknowledged the current unemployment rate for African-Americans and Hispanics, as well as the “ greatest economy in decades” ― 2 areas that began steadily improving beneath the Obama administration .

“ Those who died for the great country would be very happy plus proud at how well the country is doing today, ” Trump tweeted Monday. “ Nice! ”

Hours previously, Trump tweeted a nearly minute-long video commemorating the federal vacation. He is expected later Monday in order to participate in a Memorial Day wreath-laying ceremony at Arlington National Cemetery.

″ I know that everybody is remembering the particular fallen soldiers who have paid the best price for our country, and it’ s a country that we all of the love, ” Trump said within the video. “ As Americans, all of us come together to remember our great characters on this Memorial Day. ”

Minutes after their Twitter tribute to fallen troops, Trump renewed his attacks contrary to the Justice Department while live-tweeting Sibel News  ― a common practice with this president.

Tweets users dragged Trump for their seemingly self-congratulatory tweet on Funeral Day. Some mocked his 5 deferments to avoid military service throughout the Vietnam War,   including their claim of  “ bone spurs. ”