Trump Makes America Great Again For Foreign Workers At Mar-A-Lago

While President Donald Trump bed rails at American companies that employ foreign workers, he’ s not really following his own advice. Of 144 openings at three of their properties, including Mar-a-Lago , only a solitary one went to an American, according to Division of Labor records. The rest visited seasonal foreign workers in the Oughout. S.   on special visas requested by the Trump Organization, reports Vox .

An examination of filings by Trump Organization with the Labor Section from 2016 to 2017 discloses that a lone American worker, the cook, was hired in Aug 2016 among 144 open opportunities for servers, cooks, housekeepers plus bartenders, Vox f ound. The majority of the jobs were at Mar-a-Lago within Palm Beach, Florida, Trump’ s i9000 favorite weekend getaway. The others had been the National Golf Club in Briarcliff Manor, in New York, and Trump National Golf Club in Jupiter, Fl. The jobs generally pay 10 dollars to $13 an hour.

Mar-a-Lago had been granted  70 visas   to bring in foreign workers simply last year for the winter season beginning in Oct. That was a 9 percent enhance over the previous year.

Since 2010 Mar-a-Lago alone has obtained a total associated with 500 H-2B visas for seasonal workers, many of them through Haiti and Romania , sources have got told The New Yorker.

In January Trump’ s Department of Homeland Protection taken out Haiti from the list of more than 80 countries eligible for these visas as well as for the H-2A farmworker visas, citing  “ high amounts of fraud and abuse” and a “ high rate of overstaying the particular terms” of their visas. Fortune mag warned that the crackdown on Haitian workers could “ cripple” Mar-a-Lago since the resort has lengthy relied on Haitians. DHS got the action just days right after Trump complained about immigrants through what he reportedly called “ shithole nations , ”   referring to Haiti and African nations.

The H-2B australian visa program allows non-agricultural, seasonal companies —   such as hotels — to hire foreign workers but only if the businesses can’ t find Us citizens to fill the jobs. The particular Trump administration temporarily expanded the particular   program   in 2017, which benefited Trump businesses. Simultaneously, the president restricted the H-1B program for highly skilled immigrants.    

Companies are required to operate two want ads in nearby newspapers before applying for foreign employee visas. Mar-a-Lago placed two hard-to-find classified ads in tiny kind with no phone number or email details, according to a Washington Post document last year. Workers could  apply for the particular jobs only by fax or even mail .

CareerSource Palm Beach Region, a nonprofit placement agency, informed The Palm Beach Post at that time that they had thousands of Americans   eager to work at Mar-a-Lago.

Trump has criticized Kia Motor Co.,   Carrier Corp .   and others for relocating manufacturing jobs to Mexico.   Mar-a-Lago was applying for the international worker visas last July simultaneously the president launched  “ Produced in America Week”   on the White House.  

Trump said after that:   “ We believe job opportunities must be offered to American workers initial. Does that make sense? ”

CNN documented in 2016 that Trump companies had employed at least  one, 256 foreign workers   in the previous 15 years. Trump Winery Estates filed requests for visas to bring in foreign farmworkers from its Virginia winery in 2016 and 2017.