Trump presses DOJ not to let ex-Dem IT aide Imran Awan ‘off the hook’

President Trump upon Thursday urged the Justice Department  not to let former Democratic THIS aide Imran Awan “ from the hook” amid indications that Awan could soon strike a request deal with federal prosecutors.

“ Our own Justice Department must not let Awan & Debbie Wasserman Schultz from the hook, ” Trump tweeted. “ The Democrat I. T. scandal is a key to much of the particular corruption we see today. They wish to make a ‘ plea deal’ to cover what is on their Server. Where is certainly Server? Really bad! ”

Awan, who worked pertaining to Rep. Debbie Wasserman Shultz associated with Florida and other Democrats, has not been billed with any crimes related to their official duties in Congress.

But Philip Gary the gadget guy. Kiko, the chief administrative officer of the home, said in April that the House’ s inspector common “ discovered evidence of procurement scams and irregularities” and “ several violations of House security policies” by Awan and other IT workers.

The case against Awan offers drawn the interest of the president along with other Republicans, who have suggested Awan might have been involved in a cyber breach procedure. Awan’ s legal team offers vigorously denied these allegations.

In courtroom, Awan and his wife are dealing with allegations they engaged in a conspiracy theory to obtain home equity lines of credit in the Congressional Federal Credit Union by providing false information about two properties – and sending the proceeds in order to individuals in Pakistan.


A court filing this week stated a plea agreement hearing pertaining to Awan and his wife Hina Alvi has been set for July a few before U. S. District Determine Tanya S. Chutkan in Wa.

The particular filing did not reveal any information about the terms of the apparent agreement. However in court documents last month, prosecutors hinted that a deal could be in the functions.

“ The parties are currently exploring any resolution of this matter, ” prosecutors wrote. “ Therefore , the events are requesting additional time in which to learn that resolution. ”

Awan’ s lawyer, Christopher J. Gowen, nevertheless held the door open Wednesday to the probability that a deal might not be finalized.

“ The plea happens in court, ” Gowen said in an email in order to Fox News. “ A request does not happen outside of court. We all anticipate that by July third we will either enter a request or the case will be set meant for trial. ”

A grand jury in Aug returned an indictment in the Oughout. S. District Court for the Area of Columbia charging Awan plus Alvi with a total of 4 counts pertaining to that alleged plan, which included federal bank fraud plus conspiracy. Awan has pleaded not liable to all charges.

Trump has tweeted in regards to the case and referred to Awan because “ the Pakistani mystery guy. ” Trump also mentioned Awan in a New York Times story a year ago, saying, “ Whatever happened for this Pakistani guy who worked with the particular DNC? ”

Awan and other IT helps for House Democrats originally have been on investigators’ radar for months more than concerns of alleged equipment robbery, access to sensitive computer systems and more, based on reports dating back to early 2017.

Awan came to be in Pakistan, but came to the particular U. S. with his family whenever he was a teenager. He grew to become a U. S. citizen several years ago.

The broader case surrounding your pet also has put renewed scrutiny upon Wasserman Schultz for keeping Awan over the payroll for months, even after a unlawful investigation was revealed and he had been barred from the House IT system.

The majority of lawmakers fired Awan in Feb 2017, but Wasserman Schultz held him on until his criminal arrest in July.

Fox News’ Mike Gibson contributed to this report.

Alex Pappas is a national politics reporter at FoxNews. com. Adhere to him on Twitter at @AlexPappas.