Trump ramps up rhetoric: Dems want ‘illegal immigrants’ to ‘infest our country’

Washington (CNN) Leader Donald Trump amplified his heated immigration unsupported claims on Tuesday, accusing Democrats of wanting “illegal migrants… to pour into and infest our country, ” language evoking images of pests, not humans.

The particular President’s Twitter language further boomed to epic proportions his dehumanizing rhetoric amid the developing humanitarian — and politics — crisis on the United States’ border with Mexico, where a minimum of 2, 000 children have been divided from their parents as a result of the administration’s policy.
Last month, the administration openly announced its decision to cost every adult caught crossing the particular border illegally with federal offences, as opposed to referring those with children primarily to immigration courts, as prior administrations did.

Because the government is getting the parents in the criminal justice program, children are separated from them, with no apparent procedure for their reunification aside from hotlines the parents can call to try to monitor their children down.

In the past weeks, heartbreaking images and sound of children crying for their parents have captured the nation’s interest as lawmakers seek to find a treatment for end the separations and the White-colored House doubles down on its insistence that it is simply enforcing the law.
Trump’s hardline immigration unsupported claims was a central piece of his campaign rallying meows, beginning with his campaign announcement conversation in June 2015.
“When Mexico transmits its people, they’re not delivering their best…. They’re sending people that have plenty of problems, and they’re bringing those issues with us. They’re bringing drugs. Could possibly be bringing crime. They’re rapists. And a few, I assume, are good people, ” Trump said at the time.