Trump says accused human rights abuser Kim Jong Un ‘loves his people’

Washington (CNN) Leader Donald Trump praised North Korean dictator Kim Jong Un — a man who leads a govt that outside observers say brutalizes and starves its own citizens — as someone who “loves his individuals. ”

“He’s got a great character. He’s a funny guy, he is very smart, he’s a great negotiator. He loves his people, not really that I’m surprised by that will, ” Trump said. “I believe that we have the start of an amazing deal. We’ll denuke North Korea. ”
North Korea offers perpetuated human being rights abuses for decades , based on watchdog agencies, human rights organizations and the US government. A 2014 report from a United Nations Human Legal rights Council commission discovered the country had committed violations which includes “arbitrary detention, torture, executions plus enforced disappearance to political jail camps, violations of the freedoms associated with thought, expression and religion, (and) discrimination on the basis of State-assigned social course, gender, and disability. ”

Trump relayed that will Kim reacted to discussing human being rights “very well” but stated they “were talking about the denuclearization 90% of the time. ”

“I understand the previous and, you know, nobody has to show me, he’s a rough guy. He’s to be a rough guy or they have been a rough person, inch Trump said. “He’s smart, enjoys his people, he loves their country. He wants a lot of good stuff and that’s why he’s doing this. ”
“But he’s starved them. He’s been brutal for them. He still loves his individuals? ” Van Susteren asked.
“Look, he is doing what he’s seen performed, if you look at it, ” Trump solved. “But, I really have to go by nowadays and by yesterday and by a couple of weeks back because that’s really when this particular whole thing started. ”
Asked if he previously a message for the North Korean individuals, Trump said, “I think you might have somebody that has a great feeling for them. He or she wants to do right by all of them and we got along really well. There were a great chemistry. ”