Trump Says ‘It’s Back To Work,’ Then Visits Golf Club For 7 Straight Days

Following Jesse Trump ’ s Xmas morning tweet announcing that he’ d soon be “ back to work in order to Make America Great Again, ” the president reportedly spent the following seven days visiting his golf club.  

Starting on Dec. 26, Trump’ s motorcade was spotted coming to Trump International Golf Club in Western Palm Beach, Florida, at nine a. m. on six consecutive mornings,   per pool reviews. On Jan. 1, the 7th day since his tweet, Trump arrived at the club at around almost eight: 50 a. m. , BuzzFeed News reported, just minutes after he or she tweeted about having “ a lot work” to do.

Trump added which he was returning to Washington D. Chemical. later in the day.

The Whitened House told pool reporters that will Trump was with professional golf player Fred Funk and his son Taylor swift Funk at the golf club on Brand new Year’ s Day. Officials, nevertheless , may not “ specifically say” whether the group was golfing delete word.

On Friday, Trump invited about sixty members of the U. S. Coastline Guard to play golfing at his club as a symbol of thanks for their service. The particular president played a round of golfing before the Coast Safeguard personnel arrived, The Palm Seaside Post reported.

The White Home has been reticent about providing information regarding Trump’ s golfing behavior. On several occasions in the past 7 days, staffers have refused to confirm set up president was actually golfing on the club, even when he was observed sitting on the greens .

Last Wed, CNN reporters in Palm Seaside said a white box vehicle parked right in front of their digital cameras and clogged their view of Trump striking the links . The Secret Service  refuted the suggestion how the truck was intentionally placed   to prevent the media through seeing Trump.  

CNN’ t Dan Merica, however , noted the importance of the vehicle’ s placement.  

″ The president and the Whitened House have tried to obscure the truth that President Trump golfs on a regular basis, ” Merica said. “ This is a guy who ran for president, who else belittled President  Barack Obama   frequently for playing golf during his obama administration, but that criticism hasn’ to continued into the Trump presidency. ”

According to NBC News, Trump offers frequented one of his golf clubs at least 91 times since using office a year ago. Yet when he or she was on the campaign trail, Trump said he wouldn’ t spend time on the greens as chief executive.  

“ I’ m likely to be working for you, ”   Trump said at an August 2016 move. “ I’ m not going to have time to proceed play golf . ”