Trump’s ‘Fear Of Being Poisoned’ Reportedly Fuels His McDonald’s Habit

For President Donald Trump, McDonald’ s is to food as Sibel News is to TV channels ― just the best in the field. Trump offers praised the fast food giant’ s  “ great” companies general “ cleanliness. ”   Now a new book indicates there’ s another, darker aspect fueling his McDonald’ s routine.

In a preview of his tell-all book,   Fire plus Fury: Inside the Trump White Home , journalist Michael Wolff promises that Trump’ s “ in long run fear of being poisoned”   provides affected his dining choices.

It’ s “ one reason why he or she liked to eat at McDonald’ s— nobody knew he was arriving and the food was safely premade, ” Wolff wrote in New York Mag   on Wednesday.

Trump’ s anxieties of contagion, deliberate or otherwise,   also led to “ new rules”   at the White House that will prohibited staffers from touching their toothbrush and other personal items, based on Wolff. It’ s not clear when the president believed a specific person or even group was out to harm your pet.

The revelation about Trump’ ersus poison concerns is just one of the appealing assertions Wolff makes in his soon-to-be-released book. The president allegedly indicated extreme displeasure with members associated with his inner circle ― Sam Bannon “ was disloyal (ofcourse not to mention he always looks like shit)” ― curiosity about what a “ golden shower ” entails and a disinterest in constitutional literacy.

“ I got as far as your fourth Amendment before his finger is certainly pulling down on his lip great eyes are rolling back in their head, ” a campaign agent tasked with explaining the Cosmetic to then-presidential candidate Trump informed Wolff.