US Customs seizes Ohio family’s life savings at airport

(CNN) People of an immigrant family in Kansas say US Customs and Boundary Protection seized $58, 100 of the life savings. Now they want it in return.

The particular suit alleges Customs and Boundary Protection used civil forfeiture laws and regulations to take the money without arresting or even charging anyone with a crime.
Kazazi had planned to invest six months in Albania and buy a holiday home for retirement on the Adriatic coast, according to court documents. He furthermore wanted to help members of their extended family, who are struggling, the particular court documents said.

To make the transactions easier and avoid financial institution fees, he reduced his family’s life savings to cash, loaded it in a carry-on and delivered it with him to the airport terminal, according to the family’s lawsuit.

“He counted the money several times, separated it into 3 stacks of $20, 000, $19, 100 and $19, 000 every, and then, after counting again, tagged each stack with the amount this contained. He then placed the three piles in a single envelope and wrote ‘$58, 100’ on the outside, ” the paperwork state.
Transport Security Administration agents spotted the cash inside Kazazi’s bag as he had security on October 27 on Cleveland’s airport to catch the flight to Newark, New Jersey, just before flying out to Albania, according to court papers. TSA called Customs and Boundary Protection agents, who took Kazazi’s passport and driver’s license, according to the submitting.
He has been put in a small private room to get a body search, the documents condition.
Kazazi speaks limited English, according to the legal action.
Traditions agents “interrogated him without a