Vietnam War veteran sets up memorial for friends along California highway

For drivers along Interstate 80 in Northern California, a pair of large American flags perched on top of a hill may be a simple sign of patriotism, but for veteran Mike Goble the flags alternatively serve as a tribute.

Goble erected the flags perched on a hill between Vacaville and Fairfield back in May as a memorial to two high school friends from his hometown of Glendale, Ariz. who died in the Vietnam War.

“The heroes are the guys who didn’t come back, ” Goble, who also served as a Marine in the war, told FOX40 .

The flags are located at the top of a 300-foot hill, a strenuous climb for the 70-year-old, who makes the trek up frequently to catch the sunrise.

Mike Goble frequently makes the trek up the 300-foot hill to take in the sunrise.   (FOX 40)

“It’s not an easy task getting all this stuff up here, ” he said.


The flag project, to honor his friends Capt. John Curran and Ritchie Straugn, has elicited positive reviews from motorists telling Goble they love the flags as they drive by in the morning.

The flags off Interstate 80 near Vacaville, Calif. are more than just a sign of patriotism.   (FOX 40)

Goble made the flag poles from abandoned water pipes and hardware store ropes, and although people have voluntary given him money for improvements, Goble told FOX40 there are no fancy plaques or statues planned.

“I want it to be about my friends more than the memorial, ” he said.

Travis Fedschun is a reporter for FoxNews. com. Follow him on Twitter @travfed