Watch As Sean Hannity Gets A Brutal Reality Check On Live TV

Sean Hannity on Thursday night time was forced to backtrack on his own display as Fox News verified a New York Times report he previously just attacked.  

Earlier in the show, Hannity blasted a report having said that President Donald Trump got tried to fire special counsel Robert Mueller last year   and charged the Times of “ trying to discompose you. ”  

“ The sources, and I’ ve examined in with many of them, they’ re not really confirming that tonight, ” this individual said. “ And how many times has got the New York Times and others gotten this wrong? ”

By the end of the display, he was forced to admit that will Fox News had confirmed the days report.  

His response?  

First he said the chief executive has the right to “ raise those people questions” about conflicts of interest without actually addressing Trump’ ersus reported attempt to fire Mueller, appealing to deal with it tomorrow.  

After that,   the man who had previously in the show accused the Times associated with distraction quickly switched to video of a police chase and motor vehicle accident.  

Check it out above.