WATCH: Sen. Tammy Duckworth Scorches Trump As ‘Five-Deferment Draft Dodger’

Donald Trump tweeted upon Saturday that Democrats were to fault for the shutdown of the federal government , claiming the particular party was “ holding the military hostage over their wish to have unchecked illegal immigration. ”  

Sen. Tammy Duckworth (D-Ill. ) was not having any of this.

Duckworth, an Army veteran who dropped both her legs in the type of duty, minced no words on the United states senate floor as the lady lambasted the president’ s twitter update on Saturday. Calling him the “ five-deferment draft dodger , ” Duckworth described Trump’ s comments because the “ latest example of him not being able to show leadership to take responsibility pertaining to leading this nation. ”

“ Does he even know that you will find service members who are in harm’ s way right now, watching your pet, looking for their commander in main to show leadership, rather than to try to deflect blame? ” Duckworth asked. “ Or that his own Pentagon states that… the short-term funding programs he seems intent on pressing is (sic) actually harmful to not simply the military, but to our nationwide security? ”

“ I invested my entire adult life taking care of the well-being, the training, the equipping of the troops for whom I had been responsible, ” she continued. “ Sadly, this is something the current resident of the Oval Office does not appear to care to do, and I will not be lectured about what our military needs with a five-deferment draft dodger. ”  

The senator ― a outdated U. S. Army lieutenant colonel who served in the Iraq Battle ― went on to criticize Trump for his “ baiting” associated with North Korean leader Kim Jong Un.

“ I have a message to get Cadet Bone Spurs: if you cared for about our military, you’ m stop baiting [Kim] in to a war that could put 85, 1000 American troops and millions of harmless civilians in danger, ” Duckworth stated. She added that if Trump “ truly cared” about servicemen plus women, he’ d “ end hiding behind his Twitter accounts, stop blaming everyone else, and inform his party… to do their work. ”

Duckworth has referred to Trump since “ Cadet Bone Spurs” previously   — a mention of the the medical reason Trump cited to avoid the draft for that Vietnam War.  

In the girl speech, the senator urged the girl colleagues to work together to get to a complete budget, saying lawmakers should stick to in the footsteps of “ our soldiers. ”  

“ We can give up. We can do this together, ” the lady said. “ Our troops learn how to work together. They stand shoulder in order to shoulder when they protect and protect this country. We surely, during these chambers, can do the same. Let’ h stop blaming each other and let’ s get to work. ”