Watch Ted Cruz’s Reaction When Asked To Take A DNA Test To Prove He’s Human

Sen. Ted Cruz (R-Texas) had been issued an unusual challenge on Wednesday night when a constituent asked your pet if he’ d take a Paternity test.  

Tammy Talpas read the statement to Cruz saying the girl was worried about her access to health care due to seven pre-existing conditions.  

“ If you force me right into a high-risk swimming pool ,   you will either broke me or kill me, ” she said.   “ I actually take these threats of healthcare aggression personally and seriously, and am can assure you I’ mirielle not the only Texan who does. Our question is: Will you pledge in order to submit to a DNA test to show that you’ re human? ”

Cruz didn’ t directly solution.  

“ Well, ma’ feel, thank you for that, and one of the advantages of our democratic system is we can deal with each other with respect and calmness, ”   he said.  

“ Is that a yes or perhaps a no? ” she shot back again.  

“ Ma’ am, if you need to engage in insults, that’ s your own prerogative, but I’ m never going to reciprocate, ” he said.