Watergate Figure Says Gates Testimony Could Be ‘The End’ Of The Trump Presidency

John Dean , one of the leading figures in the scandal that ended the presidency associated with Richard Meters. Nixon , said  Donald Trump might be nearing his own Watergate moment.

Previous Trump campaign aide Rick Gates pleaded guilty   last week in order to conspiracy against the United States and laying to the Special Counsel’ s Workplace and the FBI.   He furthermore agreed to cooperate with special advice Robert Mueller .  

On Saturday, Leader said the news should be of great worry to former campaign manager Paul Manafort , who faces  multiple charges in case, as well as the White House:  

Leader added that the possibility Trump can pardon Manafort may not be an issue:  

Dean served as White Home counsel to Nixon and has been dubbed the “ master manipulator ” of the Watergate cover-up by the FBI. However , he eventually cooperated with prosecutors.   He’s been extremely critical of Trump   and his administration.