White House: Trump Will Donate $1 Million to Harvey Relief

Washington (AP) — President Jesse Trump is pledging $1 million within personal money to Harvey surprise relief efforts.

White House Press Admin Sarah Huckabee Sanders made the particular announcement at a briefing Thursday. The girl said Trump is calling on reporters to help decide which specific organization he or she should give to.

But Trump could also have a cue from his own re-election strategy. Earlier this week, his 2020 politics committee blasted out emails plus texts to more than 10 mil supporters encouraging people to donate in order to Harvey efforts. The messages supplied links to several specific charities: the particular Red Cross, Salvation Army, Usa Way and local animal save operations.

Trump used a similar " reporters decide" gimmick at the beginning of his management, that time with his presidential salary, which usually he is declining to accept. Then-press admin Sean Spicer told reporters in a March briefing that Trump " has kindly asked you all of the determine where that goes. "

A couple weeks later, the White House declared that Trump had decided to give their first three months of salary towards the Interior Department; his second 3 months worth went to the Education Department.

Trump continues to be criticized in the past for giving much less of his income to non-profit causes than many other multi-billionaires. And hasn' t followed through upon previous charity pledges.

In one high-profile illustration last year, he failed to give a guaranteed $1 million of his own money — plus another $5 million he or she said he' d raised — to veterans' organizations until reporters asked questions months later regarding who had received the charitable organisation.

Harvey' s flood waters have seriously damaged tens of thousands of homes across Tx and killed at least 30 individuals. The storm is now threatening the location near the Texas-Louisiana state line.