‘Wonder Woman 1984’ Is Filming As First Image Reveals Chris Pine’s Return

We’ re not sure even Wonder Woman can rescue a resurrected Steve Trevor from his Users Only jacket in the 1980s-set film sequel.

“ Wonder Woman 1984” has started principal photography ― and movie director Patty Jenkins and superstar Lady Gadot posted pictures Wednesday to reinforce that this is not the drill.  

Jenkins tweeted a picture of Chris Pine’ s Dorrie Trevor (he’ s alive! ) looking ever-so ’ 80s within a shopping mall:

Plus Gadot posted a photo of their self in front of a monitor teeming along with ’ 80s imagery, including Lewis Hagman as J. R. Ewing on “ Dallas. ” Question Woman would be too late to save L. R. from being shot, yet she probably has more important things to undertake.

A Warner Bros. Pictures statement   mentioned “ Wonder Woman 1984” is definitely scheduled to open Nov. 1, 2019.

The particular sequel to the 2017 movie “ Wonder Woman” has the hero accepting a new foe, the Cheetah, performed by Kristen Wiig. Pine will certainly return as Steve Trevor, regardless of apparently dying in the original. (Maybe that Members Only jacket has its own magic after all. ) Pedro Pascal of “ Game of Thrones” is also cast, the studio stated.

Facilities include the Washington, D. C., region, the United Kingdom and Spain.

“ Wonder Woman” has made more than $821 million at the box office since its discharge last June.

Bring on the sequel!