You’ll get your mail, but not your passports. Here’s what’s affected by the shutdown

(CNN) Within the final moments leading up to Friday’s night time deadline, Senate Republicans and Democrats were unable to agree on a stopgap funding measure to continue government solutions.

What exactly happens next? Here’s a rundown associated with what will happen if the government continues to be shut down.


Thousands of federal employees will be positioned on furlough — meaning they won’t are accountable to work Monday. Whoever works meant for agencies and departments that are regarded as nonessential, including agencies that spend small business loans and process passport requests, will cease to work efficient immediately until Congress is able to agree with a bill for the federal budget.

The workers in these departments would be placed on “furlough. ” In previous shutdowns, everybody who stayed home was compensated retroactively after an agreement was attained in Washington.
At the peak of the 2013 authorities shutdown, about 850, 000 workers were furloughed per day, according to the Workplace of Management and Budget.

White Home

The White House said Fri that 1, 056 members from the Executive Office of the President will be furloughed, and 659, considered important, would continue to report to work.
Furloughed staff will be expected to report to duty on Mon, the White House said in a backup plan posted in order to its website Friday. But they may stay for no longer than 4 hours to engage in “shutdown activities” like setting out-of-office messages or even explaining how to carry out functions in order to colleagues who are not furloughed.


The army is considered essential and will still record for duty. However , the soldiers — including those in battle — will potentially not be compensated during a shutdown.
If the shutdown goes on for weeks , about 1 . 3 million active-duty military will be expected to work possibly without pay. The military happens to be paid through February 1 .
In addition , many civilian Department of Defense employees will never be working during the shutdown, including teachers at military academies and upkeep contractors.

Special counsel

Special counsel Robert Mueller’s Russia investigation team will always operate, a Justice Department spokesperson told CNN.
“All employees with the Special Counsel’s Office are considered exempt and might continue their operations in the case of the lapse in appropriations, ” the particular spokesperson said.

National parks and weapon permits

If you had plans for a a vacation in visit any national parks, zoos or museums, some of those may be shut.
The popular panda cameras at the Smithsonian’s National Tierpark in Washington will be turned off , according to the statement from the Smithsonian Institution. Website visitors will still be able to visit the National Tierpark, as well as Smithsonian museums, over the weekend. Upon Saturday afternoon, the Smithsonian messaged that its museums, research facilities and the National Zoo would be open up on Monday and would provide improvements as to the future as soon as they understood.

The particular shutdown will also affect the Bureau associated with Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives, meaning if you wanted a gun enable, you’ll have to wait until the shutdown has ended.

TSA, air traffic control and postal mail services

Essential services, such as Social Protection, air traffic control and the Transport Security Administration, will continue to be funded even when some employees of those agencies are certainly not.
The US Postal Service won’t stop serving occupants — you’ll still get your email.

DC city services

In 2013, the shutdown especially affected residents of Wa. But this time around, Mayor Muriel Bowser vowed that services in the town will continue, unlike last period.
“Washington, DC, is open, ” Bowser stated in a statement published Friday. “DC government will continue to provide solutions to our residents, the services they anticipate and deserve, uninterrupted. ”

National Shopping mall

Bowser also said the city plans to assist the federal government maintain the National Mall.
“I’ve called upon my agencies, where we are capable, to step in for the federal government, inch she said during the news meeting. “The National Mall is operated by National Park Service, and there are numerous other National Service Park attributes throughout Washington, DC… we will part of and ensure litter and trash are usually picked up along the National Mall to help keep nation’s front yard clean of particles. ”