Young can ‘only read digital clocks’

Image caption Is time up for the standard clock face?

Do young people actually struggle with traditional analogue clocks along with hands?

That’s the state in a debate between teachers : with suggestions that digital clocks are being installed in exam halls for teenagers.

It follows a report in the Times Educational Supplement of a conference being told that students needed a digital clock to be able to inform the time.

Malcolm Trobe, of the ASCL head teachers’ partnership, said young people were much more utilized to using digital clocks.

As such, schools could be trying to provide them with more help by letting college students use digital clocks in examination rooms during the summer GCSEs plus A-levels.

“To grown ups it might seem second nature to utilize a standard clock face, ” stated Mr Trobe, ASCL’s deputy common secretary.

But younger people were a lot more familiar with seeing the time in a electronic format – on computers or even mobile phones.

“Young individuals find it a bit easier to use a digital time clock – and if they’re timing on their own for questions, it might make it more unlikely that they’ll make mistakes, ” said Mister Trobe.

He mentioned, as an example, if students had to solution a question in 15 minutes, it could be simpler for them looking at a clock having a digital format, if that was the way they usually told the time.

There were no official indications regarding taking down analogue clocks, this individual said, but such claims had been being made by teachers on social networking.

One of the examples on Twitter getting quoted is from a head associated with English, “Ms Keenan”.

But she told the BBC that the digital clocks that had been set up had broken down – and now have been replaced by a traditional analogue time clock.

She said this wasn’t the case that a majority of college students can’t tell the time using this kind of analogue clocks, but it could be a hurdle for some.

For the “digital generation”, she said an analogue clock could be becoming an “anachronism”.

Will this be considered a trend for the approaching summer examinations?

Only time may tell.

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