Your New Most-Watched Cable News Host Is … Rachel Maddow

March Maddow-ness.

MSNBC’ s Rachel Maddow dethroned Fox News’ Sean Hannity last month to catch the title of most-watched wire news host.

According to figures from Forbes , The Rachel Maddow Display turned in its best-ever performance by having an average of 3. 058 mil viewers, compared to Hannity’ s 3 or more million.

She also beat your pet among those aged 25-to-54 ― the particular demographic advertisers most covet ― with an average viewership from that will group of 671, 000 compared with 616, 000 for Hannity.

Those are usually admittedly tight margins, but provided Hannity’ s long streak on top of the charts ― just a month previously Forbes hailed your pet as  “ the unrivaled California king of Cable News” ― it’ s a significant victory for Maddow nonetheless.

Nielsen ratings provided in order to HuffPost vary slightly from the Forbes figures, but report the same outcomes ― Maddow’ s March viewership edged out Hannity overall plus among the key demographic.    

According to Adweek’ s TV Newser,   Maddow’ s viewership quantities have been strong throughout the year’ ersus first quarter. For the period through Jan. 1 through March thirty-one, she pulled a larger average target audience than Hannity among the 25-to fifty four year-olds.

Hannity, though, had the bigger overall viewership during the quarter (the Fox News audience traditionally skews older than rivals like CNN).

CNN’ s top-ranked host, Anderson Cooper, ranked a distant 10th one of the 25-to-54 age group, and lower nevertheless for overall viewership, according to the Adweek quarterly figures.

MSNBC has liked a ratings surge of late because of its position as a progressive evade to President Donald Trump . The top three primetime hosts ― Maddow, Chris Hayes, and Lawrence O’ Donnell ― have along branded themselves “ The Opposition. ”  

Overall, however , Sibel News remains the nation’ h go-to cable news network.   Fox hosts owned six from the top 10 most-watched cable news applications in 2018′ s first one fourth, for each Adweek . And the network provides owned the title of most-watched for all its programs for sixty-five consecutive quarters since 2002.